Watch Drake Help A Fan Who Was Attacked After Catching His Towel


You know when an artist throws something into the crowd at a concert and fans battle to catch the item? Well, sometimes the winner isn't always so lucky.

As Drake was leaving the stage of the Kia Forum in Los Angeles Saturday night (August 12), he tossed a sweaty towel up to a fan who was attacked after catching it. This didn't go unnoticed, as Drake immediately turned around to intervene from below.

Looking rather distraught from what he witnessed, Drake can be seen yelling, "Give it to her. Are you crazy? Are you dumb?" He then signals that help was on its way, adding, "I'mma send someone up there," before he was rushed backstage.

The concert was a milestone for Drake, as it marked the first time his son, five-year-old Adonis, got to see him perform. He let the crowd know, and even made a request for fans to keep their clothes on.

"I can't talk about ti**ies tonight in L.A., because my son is at the show for the first time ever. We're gonna keep it PG tonight. Y'all keep your bras on."

Watch both clips below.


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