WATCH: Ed Sheeran Learns How To Be A Cowboy


Ed Sheeran found himself spurs-deep in horse s**t on Tuesday’s episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden.

The singer joined the talk show host at Sunset Ranch in Los Angeles to learn the basics of being a cowboy.

“I just had a baby, this is nothing,” Sheeran joked while shovelling manure into a wheelbarrow.

After getting decked out in proper cowboy duds, the pair learned how to swing a rope, lasso a calf and groom horses.

Sheeran confessed that brushing his horse was “kind of terrifying” and later, while riding it, told Corden he “can’t wait to get off” the animal. “Mate, this is not fun,” he said.

The singer has a week-long residency on The Late Late Show as he hypes his forthcoming album and tour announcement. Sheeran, who is back home in the UK, was spotted with David Beckham at Wembley Stadium watching Tuesday’s England vs Germany Euro 2020 match.

Watch Sheeran learn to be a cowboy below:

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