Watch Ed Sheeran Trip And Fall Running On Stage

Ed Thumbs

Everyone loves a good "celebrity falls down" video.

YouTube has countless clips of tumbles taken, and the amount of listicles ranking celebrity falls will shock you. There are just so many to choose from

Last year, iHeartRadio Canada readers couldn't get enough of Shania Twain taking a tumble on stage in Chicago. And of course, the "Jason Derulo Has Fallen Down The Stairs" meme for a fall that never reportedly even happened is one of the internet's most fascinating obsessions.

The latest celebrity caught on video taking a spill is Ed Sheeran, who fell running up some steps to the stage in Japan. While he does actually wipe out, he makes a quick recovery and begins playing almost as if he intended to do it. He then turns around to acknowledge his blunder with a big smile for the camera.

The best part, however, is that Sheeran posted the clip himself, adding a gif of Keanu Reeves from Point Break giving thumbs up. Nice touch. He also captioned the video with "Styled it out." That's right, own the moment!

See the spillage below.



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