WATCH: Eddie Vedder Sings Beatles Classic In South Africa


Eddie Vedder returned to Port Elizabeth, South Africa last week and treated students at Walmer High School to an acoustic performance.

The Pearl Jam frontman played ukulele and sang The Beatles’ “Here Comes The Sun.” The school’s choir reciprocated with a performance of “Ndiyimbokodo” (“I’m a Rock”).

Vedder, who was in South Africa for the Global Citizen: Mandela 100 event, toured the school with wife Jill and their daughters Olivia and Harper Moon.

In 2005, Vedder teamed up with the school’s choir to record tracks for The Molo Sessions and donated proceeds to South African education programs.

“After 14 years a beautiful reunion between Eddie Vedder and the Molo Choir,” read the caption on an Instagram post with four snapshots from the musician’s visit. “Thank you so much to Eddie and his family for taking the time to make this amazing day possible.”

Watch Vedder's performance below: