WATCH: JESSIA Premieres Fun 'I'm Not Pretty' Video


Vancouver singer-songwriter JESSIA has debuted the official video for “I’m Not Pretty,” a track that has its roots on TikTok.

Directed by Benjamin Lussier, the video was inspired by Roald Dahl’s classic James and The Giant Peach. It shows JESSIA waking up and falling through a mirrored floor into a rabbit hole that leads to a world of fun.

“Filming the music video was such a surreal experience,” JESSIA said, in a release. “I kept looking around set asking myself, ‘are all of these people here for me and my song? What? Am I really here right now?’

“What a time. It was such a party on set! SUCH A BLAST!”

Showing up in the visual is Elijah Wood, who produced the self-acceptance anthem.

Watch the video below:

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