WATCH: Lil Jon, Kool-Aid Man Deliver Christmas Rap


Look out, Mariah Carey, there’s some cool new yule in town.

Lil Jon has paired up with the Kool-Aid Man – yes, you read that right – for the new festive hip-hop classic “All I Really Want for Christmas.”

The 47-year-old rap star declares: “All I really want, really want for Christmas / Is everything on my list, baby, yeah!”

If you’re wondering why Lil Jon (aka Jonathan Smith) collaborated with Kool-Aid Man (aka Sugar Water) on the track, the not-so-subtle product placement in the video explains it all.

The video also has energetic young dancers (no doubt jacked up on Kool-Aid) and a Santa spinning the tunes. Kool-Aid Man mostly just bounces around blurting out phrases as if he’s DJ Khaled.

Check out the Christmas song you didn’t think you needed: