WATCH: Neil Young's Brother Bob Young Debuts 'Hey America'


Neil Young’s older brother Bob Young is urging Americans to vote out Donald Trump in his debut single “Hey America.”

“I didn’t set out to become a songwriter and singer at 78 years of age,” Young said, in a release. “It was and is an organic event. I was watching Donald Trump on TV a couple of years ago and wrote down a few lines. When I got home, I found I could play those lines on guitar. Gradually, it became what it is now.”

Young is backed by the Peterboroughs and his famous brother contributed harmonica and backing vocals.

No one is more surprised by the song than Bob. "My perspective is simultaneously that of a participant and spectator. I am watching myself do this,” he said. “All you ageing baby boomers out there, give it a shot. As Yogi Berra put it, ‘It ain’t over ’til it’s over, and even then it ain’t over.’ I agree. I have more songs, all from the same creative spark.”

A video for “Hey America” was crafted – using COVID-19 safety measures – by Neil’s wife Daryl Hannah with CK Vollick and Bernard Shakey. It opens with a Canadian flag blowing in the wind. Watch it below: