WATCH: Neon Dreams Debuts 'High School Dropout'


The new single “High School Dropout” from Canadian duo Neon Dreams neither celebrates nor shames those who didn’t – or couldn’t – finish their secondary education. The song, which debuted Friday, instead encourages these people to explore other ways of achieving their goals.

“I couldn't learn the way everybody else did,” singer Frank Kadillac, who dropped out of college, shared via Instagram early last year. “So I taught myself the things I wanted to know and put myself around people that lived the life I wanted.

“My teacher was observation and my best friend was my gut feeling.”

Kadillac added: “If you feel like a failure because you're not getting great marks, know that you're not! They just don't know how to teach people like us yet – the emotionally smart people.”

Response to his words ("My inbox is full of beautiful stories," he said last May) inspired Kadillac to write “High School Dropout” with Nathan Ferraro.

“[There’s] a tribe of people like me and you,” Kadillac wrote. “Connect with each other create a beautiful future because you can.”

Check out the lyric video for “High School Dropout," directed by Alex Gayoso, below: