WATCH: Neon Dreams Shares 'Sick Of Feeling Useless'


The timely new single from Neon Dreams, “Sick of Feeling Useless,” came from a conversation the Halifax duo had with friend and collaborator Nathaniel Motte from 3OH3!.

“Before every session, we try to talk about how we’re feeling,” singer Frank Kadillac explained, in a release. “At this point, before the song was made, we were discussing … how it’s easy to feel helpless… like nothing we do matters that much. Then Nat said ‘ya know… I think everyone is just sick of feeling useless.’

“It hit so hard with me because I felt that way my whole life growing up, I felt useless until I broke out of my shell… if my fans are different versions of me this is the biggest thing that connects us on this island of misfit toys. People that feel like they don’t matter in this world and are constantly searching for a place to belong, a place that makes them feel like a kid again.”

The song, released last week, came with a video made up of 2,474 images of Kadillac and Adrian Morris performing.

“We couldn’t make a normal music video so we figured let’s think outside the box on this one,” reads the description on YouTube. “We worked for 2 weeks.”

Watch “Sick of Feeling Useless” by Neon Dreams:

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