WATCH: Olivia Rodrigo Performs With Billy Joel


Olivia Rodrigo got to sing the lyrics “I bet that she knows Billy Joel ‘cause you played her ‘Uptown Girl’” on Wednesday night while Joel accompanied her on piano.

Joel, 73, paused his concert at Madison Square Garden to bring Rodrigo, 19, on stage.

“I’m going to bring up another young musician. This is a very talented singer-songwriter,” he said before listing some of the awards she has already collected. “She’s very talented and I like her music and so do my kids.”

Rodrigo thanked Joel and said she was “such a huge fan.” Before launching into her hit “Deja Vu,” she added: “I kind of wrote this next song about you.”

Joel followed by telling the audience he and Rodrigo were “going to do the song that was referred to in the last song” and proceeded to perform his 1983 hit “Uptown Girl” together.

Watch fan-shot footage of the special moments below:

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