WATCH: Takis Shares 'All Time' Live Video Featuring Jamie Fine And Brandyn Burnette


Takis has released a stripped down version of “All Time,” a track he released last month that features Jamie Fine and Brandyn Burnette.

The producer said the song comes from being in a better place.

“Last year was so challenging that I found myself writing darker music,” he explained, in a release. “As honest as those songs were, I started to feel worn out and tired of reflecting on painful relationships. It was time to look ahead for once.

“Heading into the new year, I had this overwhelming inspiration to write brighter, happier songs. I guess I’m just optimistic and hopeful about what’s to come and wanted to express it.”

The song came together with each artist in a different city but they got together for the new video. Watch it below:


Check out iHeartRadio's Shannon Burns' interview with Takis:

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