Why October 22nd Matters In Rock History


It’s October 22nd and here are some reasons why this day matters in rock history:

- In 1966, Chain Reaction, a band that would later be known as Aerosmith, opened for The Yardbirds at Staples High in Westport, Connecticut.

- In 1969, after issuing a statement denying that he was dead, Paul McCartney went to Scotland for a vacation.

- In 1990, Pearl Jam played their first-ever concert when they took the stage as Mookie Blaylock at Seattle’s The Off Ramp.

- In 1969, Led Zeppelin released Led Zeppelin II, featuring songs like “Whole Lotta Love,” “Ramble On,” “Moby Dick” and “Heartbreaker.”

- In 2000, R.E.M. returned to their hometown of Athens, Georgia to perform as part of a local festival called Land Aid that benefited the community.

- And in 2008, Guns N’ Roses released their first new material since 1999 when the title track of their new album, Chinese Democracy, came out as a single. 

And that’s what happened today in rock history.

Original article by Dave Basner at iHeartRadio