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  • John Moore Round One- September 17th

    Guests: NEWSTALK 1010’s Dave Trafford, Toronto lawyer Courtney Betty of Betty’s Law, Celina Caesar-Chavannes (SH-VAN) former Liberal MP, senior advisor at Queens University, and author and Jerry Agar.
  • NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh with John Moore

    Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh joins Moore In The Morning to make his pitch for why you should elect his party to Parliament 
  • September 16 - The Jamil Jivani Show - Hour 2

    Real World Panel  GUESTS: Deborah Schroeder  Nat Stone  Barack Obama endorses Justin Trudeau Throwback Thursday - September 17, 2011: Occupy Wall Street movement begins in New York City's Zuccotti Park, coining the phrase "We are the 99%." Throwback Thursday -September 17, 2011 GUEST: Astra Taylor - filmmaker, writer, one of the founders of The Debt Collective (a union for debtors that has helped students), and co-editor of Occupy!Gazette  -she was in the heart of the protests in Zuccotti Park in 2011 
  • September 16 - The Jamil Jivani Show - Hour 1

    Rant: Black family refused service at restaurant because they don't have vaccine certificates. This type of story is happening more and more and videos are surfacing Western University responds to sexual assault allegations, will implement new special constables, enhanced security patrols, and implement mandatory in-person sexual violence training for all students in residence 56% of young people think humanity is doomed because of climate change
  • Jim's Election Predictions & Keeping Cancer To Yourself

    - Jim's election prediction: Minority Erin O'Toole gov't. Will he be eating crow?... Jim's election desires: Minority win, Trudeau steps down - In an interview from years ago, Norm Macdonald explained why he thought one should keep their cancer diagnosis to themselves... Have you ever known someone who did the same thing, or have you yourself done it?  - When it comes to driving, do you know someone who's never done something as simple as pump their own gas, or turn left?
  • Musing The News & The Dirtiest Of Dirty Jobs

    Jim muses the news of the day: 4th Wave & Alberta ICU; Trudeau hammers O'Toole for Alberta; Election Truthtracker; Hamilton community leader abducted in home invasion, 1 son killed & 1 son injured; A look at the Canadians who made Guinness World Records... Jim is excited for The Soprano's prequel "The Many Saints Of Newark" coming out, but agrees with creator David Chase that it should have an exclusive theatrical release... - David Cooper: Updates on the dead body that was found 2 floors above him in his apt building... Jim asks if anyone's ever worked in crime scene cleanup, or lived in their car... David's questions for Jim: The longest 5-minutes you've ever experienced? - David Cooper cont'd: Have you ever worked in crime scene cleanup, or lived in your car?
  • Alberta declares health emergency, will launch proof-of-vaccination program

    Zain Velji, filling in for Evan Solomon, discusses the Alberta government's response to the surge in COVID-19 cases and ICU admissions. Plus, the latest news on the campaign trail.  On today's show:  Shachi Kurl, President of the Angus Reid Institute, on the latest polling data. Dr. Joe Vipond, emergency doctor in Calgary and co-founder of Masks4Canada on the COVID-19 situation in Alberta. 'The War Room' panel with political strategists Susan Smith, Tasha Kheiriddin and former NDP leader Tom Mulcair.  'Overhyped v. Underplayed' with Scott Reid, CTV News political commentator. Fred Fox on his brother Terry Fox's legacy and the 41st Terry Fox Run set to take place this weekend.
  • Veterans lobby for soldier to become first recipient of Canadian Victoria Cross

    Evan Solomon speaks with Retired Gen. Rick Hillier about a heroic soldier who veterans are hoping may become the first recipient of Canada's Victoria Cross. Plus, Evan discusses the latest developments on the campaign trail.  On today's show:  Mubin Shaikh, Former Counter Terrorism Operative, on his new documentary where he goes undercover to find out what draws people into terror. Retired Gen. Rick Hillier on lobbying for a soldier to become the first recipient of Canada's Victoria Cross.  'The War Room' panel with political strategists Zain Velji, Tasha Kheiriddin and former NDP leader Tom Mulcair.  Rick Mercer, Canadian comedian and political satirist, on the legacy of Norm Macdonald.

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