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  • Dave Trafford for Moore Round Two- June 16th

    Guests: Toronto lawyer Gavin Tighe, Kevin Vuong, Social Entrepreneur, Lecturer, Military Officer, Children’s Music Teacher Michelle Morrow and NEWSTALK 1010’s Jason Agnew.
  • Dave Trafford for Moore- Round One- June 16

    Guests: Elliott Cappell, climate change consultant and host of the “Hot Talk” podcast , Powergroup Communications, Laura Babcock, Sunira Chaudhri, of Levitt, Sheikh, Chaudhri and Swann Employment and Labour Lawyers and Jerry Agar.
  • June 16 - The Jamil Jivani Show - Hour 3

    Father's Day series continues - how a self-described workaholic changed his life when he became a father for the first time  GUEST: Justin Trottier - Executive Director at the  Canadian Centre for Men and Families, and CEO of the  Canadian Association for Equality & The final part of our series on critical race theory  & Dueling Guitars night 8: Jack White vs St. Vincent  
  • June 16 - The Jamil Jivani Show - Hour 1

    Rant - Why this Jay-Z song means so much to me with Father's Day coming up  & Viral tweet says the best way to succeed as a young person is to work on weekends - and the internet is mad  & Why was a doctor "banished" from New Brunswick?  GUEST: Joel Etienne - lawyer for Dr. Jean Robert Ngola 
  • Departing MPs blast Canada in farewell speeches

    Evan Solomon discusses the farewell speeches by departing MPs.  On today's show:  Barb Collins, CEO of the Humber River Hospital, talks about a cyberattack that is impacting patient care. Barrett Swanson, a contributing editor at Harper’s Magazine, discusses his experience in a TikTok mansion.   Jim Stanford, economist and director of the Centre for Future Work, shares a new report on how technology and AI will impact jobs in Canada.  Scott Reid, CTV News political commentator and former communications director for Prime Minister Paul Martin, plays Overhyped vs. Underplayed. 
  • Another major resignation in Canada's military

    Evan Solomon discusses Lieutenant-General Michael Rouleau resigning from his role as second-in-command of the Canadian Armed Forces after golfing with Gen. Vance.  On today's show:  Leah West, a former armoured officer and now an assistant professor at Carleton University, discusses the resignation of Lieutenant-General Michael Rouleau. Bob Fife, The Globe and Mail's Ottawa Bureau Chief, talks about the resignation of the second-in-command of the CAF.  Jane 'Nightbirde' Marczewski opens up about her golden buzzer performance on America's Got Talent, and her battle with terminal cancer.  Paul Storer, Vancouver’s director of transportation, talks about a new plan to increase parking fees for drivers of new gas-powered cars.   

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