407 ETR

Save Time & Arrive Safely!

Taking 407 ETR across the GTA means avoiding congestion. Transit providers and businesses rely on 407 ETR to move people and goods quickly across the region.

With 24/7 Highway Safety Patrols and Highway Monitoring, we do our best to ensure that help is never far away if you need it. Our partnership with the Ontario Provincial Police helps keep traffic moving safely. We're focused on serving you well, both on and off the road. Discovering the latest promotions/offers or planning the cost of an upcoming trip using the toll calculator are just a few reasons to add 407etr.com as one of your favourites… and you can visit on any device!

Log into your web account (or sign up in minutes) to leverage your one-stop shop for many helpful account options like switching to paperless billing or pre-authorized billing, viewing past bills or to pay your current bill.

Driving at a safe and consistent speed on an excellent and well-maintained highway helps to keep your car efficient and gives you better fuel economy, saving you money on gas and maintenance.


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6300 Steeles Avenue West
Woodbridge, Ontario