• Science Monday- September 27th

    GUEST: Dan Riskin (Bell Media science correspondent)
  • John Moore Round One- September 27th

    Guests: Tim Hudak, former leader of the Ontario PC party now with the Ontario Real Estate Association, Mi'kmaq lawyer, professor, activist and politician Dr. Pamela Palmate and National Post columnist Matt Gurney.
  • John Moore Round Two- September 27th

    Guests: Former advisor to Lastman and Mcguinty, Jim Warren, Deb Hutton, former senior advisor to two premiers and now a communications advisor and Writer, actor and business owner Jason Peat.
  • Return of the Expos

    NEWSTALK 1010 and CJAD Montreal host Dave Kaufman tells Moore In The Morning a rumour that Canada may be getting a new baseball team this fall. 
  • Peter Tabuns- bouncer duty

    MPP Peter Tabuns worked the door at 7 Numbers restaurant on Friday night, checking COVID vaccination status. How did it go? He tells Moore In The Morning.
  • Dan Riskin- Monday Sept 27

    NEWSTALK 1010 science expert Dan Riskin tells Moore In The Morning how scientists say a hit song is like an infectious disease, who would win in a fight between a grizzly bear and a mountain goat, a new space telescope launching at the end of the year, and that mass extinction events are on the rise.
  • Robocalls may be a thing of the past.

    NEWSTALK 1010 tech expert Carmi Levy explains to Moore In The Morning how it works and whether we could see this here. 
  • The Morning Brief- September 27th

    The Morning Brief with Scott Reid, former advisor to Prime Minister Paul Martin. Discussing the biggest stories of the day including experts saying Canada’s reset with China will be a challenge, Rudyard Griffiths mocking Trudeau's shirt when greeting two Michaels, newly controversial MP Kevin Vuong refusing to step aside, and young Canadians skipping booze, going instead to marijuana and hallucinogens.
  • Remembering 9/11 - Twenty Years Later

    FULL DOCUMENTARY: Nearly 3000 people lost their lives during the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. Now, twenty years later, we reflect on those who never made it out and the survivors who have been left with a lifetime of trauma. REMEMBERING 9/11 - TWENTY YEARS LATER features exclusive interviews and retrospectives from citizens, journalists and first responders who were there at Ground Zero on that fateful day.
  • In Conversation with Gordon Lightfoot

    John Moore had a chance to sit down with Canadian folk music legend Gordon Lightfoot to discuss his new album, "Solo", plus the genesis of some of his greatest hits
  • Unhatched: The Birth of the Toronto Raptors Franchise

    NEWSTALK 1010 takes a look back at the early days of the Toronto Raptors NBA franchise.  In this special documentary you will hear from Raptors franchise founder, John Bitove, about how the team was born.  Bitove explains the process of gaining the trust of the NBA and the challenges of bringing a team to Toronto.  You will also hear from the Raptors first ever draft pick, Damon Stoudamire, who talks about being booed when he was drafted to the team.  Former coaches Darrell Walker and Butch Carter also discuss their challenges with coaching a brand-new team.

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