• LISTEN: 'There has to be some renumeration'

    Ontario ICU nurses say doctors are getting paid 10 times more for similar work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Teresa Marini, an ICU nurse in Tillsonburg, tells Evan the pay discrepancy is frustrating and because of Ontario's Bill 124, they cannot cannot get more than 1% pay increase.
  • Exponential: Credit Rules

    Amanda Lang talks to Dennis Kelleher (President and CEO at Better Markets) about how after the credit crisis that threatened the global system back in 2008, a lot of new rules were put in place to make things safer and the banks behave better. So, after all these years, is the system safer…or not?
  • Exponential: Tax the Wealthy/Investments

    Amanda Lang talks to Toby Sanger (Executive Director at Canadians For Tax Fairness) governments all over are in need of new cash and Canada is no exception. President Biden is stoking an old debate on raising taxes on capital gains. It also digs up an old debate on why investments are given a tax break?
  • Ben Spurr with John Moore

    The Star’s Ben Spurr explains to Moore In The Morning how the Federal government will financially support Ontario’s planned transit projects.
  • John Moore Round One- May 12th

    Guests: Elliott Cappell, climate change consultant and host of the “Hot Talk” podcast , Powergroup Communications, Laura Babcock, Sunira Chaudhri, of Levitt, Sheikh, Chaudhri and Swann Employment and Labour Lawyers and Jerry Agar.

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