Did Richard Crouse Like These Movies?


Did Richard Crouse Like This? The Showgram's favourite movie critic and host of CTV's Pop Life tells us about 3 movies you can see this week and let's us know what he thought to them! This Week: Slash/Back | The Black Phone | Elvis Keep listening after the review as producer Tony describes how Elvis' music was such a big part of his life!

  • John Moore Round Two- August 18th

    Guests: Bob Reid, Principal at Broadway Strategy.com and the man behind Touchdowns & Fumbles heard Fridays, Pickup Communications’ Tamara Cherry and NEWSTALK 1010’s Adwoa Nsiah-Yeboah.

  • Extreme heat uncovers lost villages, ancient cities

    Evan Solomon chats with CTV's science and technology specialist Dan Riskin about what bizarre and fascinating things have recently been uncovered from Earth's past—from shipwrecks to ancient cities.

    On today's show: 

    • A conversation with Canadian soccer legend Christine Sinclair.
    • Dr. Naheed Dosani, palliative care physician and health equity lead at Kensington Health in Toronto, on Ontario's 'Plan to Stay Open'.
    • Arnaud Jerald, a French freediver who just broke the deepest dive world record—descending to a depth of 120 metres.
    • Riskin It All with Dan Riskin, CTV science and technology specialist. 
  • What Did You Get Away With?

    David Cooper is hosting the Late Showgram. Today's call in topic: What did you get away with? What’s your secret? Have you been sitting on this one for a while, call us, confess, it'll be cathartic. What things have you gotten away with that you're proud of? Maybe you fought the law and you won, or maybe it was the cookies in the cookie jar. Whatever it was, what did you get away with?