Did Richard Crouse Like These Movies?


 Did Richard Crouse Like These Movies?

  • Housing correction in Toronto could become one of the deepest in 50 years

    Tamara Cherry, filling in for Evan Solomon, discusses a new RBC report which says a housing correction in the Greater Toronto Area market could end up becoming one of the deepest of the past half a century. 

    On today’s show: 

    • A conversation with Jason Mercer, chief market analyst for the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board.
    • CTV’s Mackenzie Gray on the implications of Transport Minister Omar Alghabra being compelled to testify on airport chaos.
    • An Ontario man attended his own funeral then died shortly after. Shirley Rader, his wife of 44 years, along with his two children, Jenna McBride and Ben Rader, join the show. 
    • Lawrence Douglas, a law professor and the author of ‘Will He Go: Trump and the Looming Election Meltdown in 2020’, on former U.S. president Donald Trump saying FBI agents have raided his Florida home.
    • Shawn Wilson, a Montreal Canadiens fan who created a life-sized Stanley Cup model using a 3D printer.
  • What Did You Get Away With?

    David Cooper is hosting the Late Showgram. Today's call in topic: What did you get away with? What’s your secret? Have you been sitting on this one for a while, call us, confess, it'll be cathartic. What things have you gotten away with that you're proud of? Maybe you fought the law and you won, or maybe it was the cookies in the cookie jar. Whatever it was, what did you get away with?