Did Richard Crouse Like This?

  • John Moore Round Two- August 11th

    Guests: Principal at Broadway Strategy.com and the man behind Touchdowns & Fumbles heard Fridays, Bob Reid, Tim Hudak, former leader of the Ontario Conservatives, now with the OREA and NEWSTALK 1010’s Adwoa Nsiah-Yeboah .

  • Dog walker refuses to return former client's pet for almost four years

    Tamara Cherry, filling in for Evan Solomon, speaks with a Windsor man who is laying charges against his former dog walker who refuses to return his pet to him.

    On today’s show: 

    • BC researchers are being excluded from review of the province’s drug decriminalization policy over potential bias. Dr. Bernie Pauly, a researcher at the Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research at the University of Victoria, joins the show. 
    • Canadian Blood Services is eyeing getting plasma from paid donors amid supply challenges. We take your calls: Would this deter you from giving blood for free?
    • Betty Shaw, a resident of River Canard, Ontario, who has been driving the same ‘68 Ford Mustang for more than 50 years
    • Nicole Payette-Kyryluk, whose daughter, Alexa, has a rare neurodegenerative condition and needs 24/7 specialized care. She discusses Ontario’s ‘broken’ health care system. 
    • Matthew Bergman, the founder of the Social Media Victims Law Center, which has filed more than two dozen lawsuits against Meta. 
    • Greg Marentette, a man from Windsor, Ontario, whose dog was stolen by his former dog walker almost four years ago.
    • Riskin It All with Dan Riskin, CTV science and technology specialist. 
  • What Did You Get Away With?

    David Cooper is hosting the Late Showgram. Today's call in topic: What did you get away with? What’s your secret? Have you been sitting on this one for a while, call us, confess, it'll be cathartic. What things have you gotten away with that you're proud of? Maybe you fought the law and you won, or maybe it was the cookies in the cookie jar. Whatever it was, what did you get away with?