• September 24 - The Jamil Jivani Show - Hour 3

    BREAKING: Two Michaels Returning Home GUEST: Matthew John - Chief Operating Officer at Crestview Strategy and friend of the show FBI director: Domestic Terrorism Tracking Has ‘Exploded,’ FBI Has ‘Prioritized’ Threat From ‘White Supremacy’ GUEST: Dr. Wilfred Reilly - Associate Professor of Political Science at Kentucky State University. Author of Taboo: Ten Facts You Can’t Talk About What can we learn from the Totally Useless Information Podcast?  GUESTS: Nick Maiorano and Roy Locascio - co-hosts of the Totally Useless Information Podcast, heard on all major podcast platforms and right hear on the iHeart Radio Talk Network  Dumbest tweet of the day ​
  • September 24 - The Jamil Jivani Show - Hour 2

    BLM finally did something right  Shaq is 'retiring' from his celebrity status Huawei's Meng Wanzhou free after deal with US BREAKING: Two Michaels Returning Home
  • September 24 - The Jamil Jivani Show - Hour 1

    Friday Phony of the Week: Jagmeet Singh Whose career was hurt the most this week? Singh, O'Toole, Trudeau?  Augmented reality may help with arachnophobia
  • Ivan Doroschuk + Emm Gryner

    This week on the Richard Crouse Show Podcast we get to know Danis Goulet who wrote and directed “Night Raiders,” a timely sci fi apocalyptic film set in the near future. In her dystopian drama cities in North America are run by the military and all children are property of the state. This Taika Waititi-executive produced film sees a Cree woman team with a group of vigilantes to free her daughter from a “children’s academy.” Goulet, who is of Cree and Métis descent, says everything in the film’s imaginary future is based on true events and “has to do specifically with policies that were inflicted upon Indigenous People throughout history.” Then we meet radio and podcasting legends Humble and Fred, that’s "Humble" Howard Glassman and Fred Patterson as they celebrate ten years of the “Humble and Fred Podcast.” These days everybody from Bruce Springsteen and Barack Obama to Kim Kardashian West have podcasts, but ten years ago they were uncharted territory. Humble and Fred, who, as their website says, “have been entertaining Canadians since 1989” as a team on radio jumped into podcasting when their time in radio dried up. It was a newish technology and they dove in, creating a show that built an audience and, more importantly, maintained that audience over ten years. Find out more at Then we go to the vault to hear a vintage interview with Hugh jackman. The actor gets personal, talking about the projects that worked, the ones that didn’t and what drives him.
  • The Rush Round Table September 24

    Guests: Trevor Mayoh - Political Commentator, Adowa Nsiah-Yeboah, Newstalk1010 Traffic Reporter and Contributor
  • The Richard Crouse Show- September 25th

    his week:  Ivan Doroschuk Men Without Hats Emm Gryner.
  • Touchdowns and Fumbles - The communication plays of the week.

    Guest: Bob Reid.  Veteran Communications Advisor.
  • Ontario adds sexual violence prevention to mandatory training for those who serve alcohol.

    Guest: Richard Anderson. Exec director of Smart Serve Ontario.
  • Remembering 9/11 - Twenty Years Later

    FULL DOCUMENTARY: Nearly 3000 people lost their lives during the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. Now, twenty years later, we reflect on those who never made it out and the survivors who have been left with a lifetime of trauma. REMEMBERING 9/11 - TWENTY YEARS LATER features exclusive interviews and retrospectives from citizens, journalists and first responders who were there at Ground Zero on that fateful day.
  • In Conversation with Gordon Lightfoot

    John Moore had a chance to sit down with Canadian folk music legend Gordon Lightfoot to discuss his new album, "Solo", plus the genesis of some of his greatest hits
  • Unhatched: The Birth of the Toronto Raptors Franchise

    NEWSTALK 1010 takes a look back at the early days of the Toronto Raptors NBA franchise.  In this special documentary you will hear from Raptors franchise founder, John Bitove, about how the team was born.  Bitove explains the process of gaining the trust of the NBA and the challenges of bringing a team to Toronto.  You will also hear from the Raptors first ever draft pick, Damon Stoudamire, who talks about being booed when he was drafted to the team.  Former coaches Darrell Walker and Butch Carter also discuss their challenges with coaching a brand-new team.

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