• Friday Roundtable - Oct 18

    It's our Friday Roundtable with Jon Burnside, entrepreneur and former Toronto City Councillor and Jeff Sammut, host of "Canada Now with Jeff Sammut" on SiriusXM.  

    They talk Canadian politics, the TTC switching to self-driving vehicles, how Greta Thunberg is getting home, and more!

  • Patents over plants: the intangible economy

    This episode, we break down the rising “intangible economy”, what our guest Jim Balsillie says is our shared future. We learn what it is, what it values and who it rewards. We also visit StatsCanada and discover why the race to regulate is so fierce. We do what’s never been done before and put a price on Canadian data... The number is big. 

  • The Unintentional Porn Star

    Guests: Rebecca Reinhart and Gina Phillips

  • Touchdowns and Fumbles October 18

    Guest: Karen Gordon- Karen Gordon Strategy

  • The unintended porn star

    Guest: Rebecca Reinhart and Gina Phillips.

  • Jerry Agar Round Table October 18

    Guests: Howard Levitt  - Levitt LLP. Host of the Employment Law show. Sundays at 1, Melissa Lantsman - VP, Public Affairs, Hill & Knowlton Strategies. NT1010 host Sundays at 7p and Bob Richardson - Senior Counsel. National Public Relations.

  • John Moore Round Two October 18

    Guests: Kathleen Wynne, former Premier of Ontario, Lisa Kinsella, political and communications consultant, Kym Geddes, News Director, Newstalk 1010 and Vass Bednar, Head of Public Policy at Delphia.

  • John Moore Round One October 18

    Guests: Christie Blatchford, with the National Post, Dave Trafford, Host of weekend mornings, Amanda Galbraith with Navigator and Jerry Agar, Host of the Jerry Agar Show.

  • The Roads Aren't FREE (EP 4)

    Guest: Jeffrey Tumlin, Principal at Nelson|Nygaard (Transportation Solutions) Author of the book “Sustainable Transportation Solutions”

    It could be argued that we have a pretty shabby system for managing our road networks in cities – if the system worked, we wouldn’t be stuck in traffic. Most cities don’t have room for more roads, and as a result they need new approaches to better use the infrastructure we’ve got.

    Listen in as Jeffery Tumlin, a Principal and Director of Strategy at Nelson Nygaard in San Francisco and author, makes the pitch for putting a price on our roads, as a way to get us all moving.

  • Hackers Are "Jackpotting" ATMs To Make Them Spit Out Cash

    We talk to Carmi Levy, Tech Expert about this.