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  • Moore in the Morning

    Toronto's most listened to morning show. Breaking news traffic and weather with the country's most respected commentators. Live interviews with the newsmakers of the day. Local, National and International news.

  • The Jerry Agar Show

    The Jerry Agar Show is the most opinionated show you will find on the planet. Jerry tackles all subjects with a no-nonsense approach that will keep you engaged and entertained.
  • The Vassy Kapelos Show

    The Vassy Kapelos Show will keep you informed through hard-hitting interviews with the major players, entertaining analysis and debate with your favourite pundits and all the details and context you need on breaking news as it comes into our newsroom.

  • The Rush with Reshmi Nair

    The Rush with Reshmi Nair breaks down the biggest issues affecting the city today, and discusses where we’re headed tomorrow.

  • Newstalk Tonight

    Hosted by Jim Richards, Newstalk tonight tackles the day's news, politics and so much more.

  • Ask the Experts

    Ask The Experts with Iain Grant is an opportunity for you to talk directly to the movers and shakers. You will get inside information and knowledge that you can't get anywhere else. It's a great way for you to get free advice on everything from plumbing to legal. Make sure to be listening and plan out your questions in advance. Join Iain Saturdays and you could save thousands of dollars in free advice from some of the country's most successful professionals

  • Chatter That Matters

    Tony Chapman cuts through the clutter to focus on what matters most to your life and livelihood
  • Totally Useless Information

    Nick and Roy scour the internet every week and bob and weave their way through the morass of fake facts in search of real – but totally useless – information
  • Eat This with Lianne

    Lianne, a Registered Nutritionist, will keep you up to date with what’s going on in the world that has overwhelming and conflicting information, including the newest food fads, food trends, diets and ways of eating.

  • Remembering 9/11 - Twenty Years Later

    FULL DOCUMENTARY: Nearly 3000 people lost their lives during the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. Now, twenty years later, we reflect on those who never made it out and the survivors who have been left with a lifetime of trauma. REMEMBERING 9/11 - TWENTY YEARS LATER features exclusive interviews and retrospectives from citizens, journalists and first responders who were there at Ground Zero on that fateful day.
  • In Conversation with Gordon Lightfoot

    John Moore had a chance to sit down with Canadian folk music legend Gordon Lightfoot to discuss his new album, "Solo", plus the genesis of some of his greatest hits
  • Free For All Friday - December 16th, 2022

    Deb Hutton is hosting this edition of Free For All Fridays. She is joined by Newstalk 1290 London host Ken Eastwood and Toronto Star crime reporter Jennifer Pagliaro. Up for discussion on the main menu is federal healthcare funding, the possibility of a federal election in 2023, Danielle Smith’s catalog of controversial soundbites, Google’s top trends for 2022, and Elon Musk’s war with journalists.

  • What Did You Get Away With?

    David Cooper is hosting the Late Showgram. Today's call in topic: What did you get away with? What’s your secret? Have you been sitting on this one for a while, call us, confess, it'll be cathartic. What things have you gotten away with that you're proud of? Maybe you fought the law and you won, or maybe it was the cookies in the cookie jar. Whatever it was, what did you get away with?