Live from Tokyo; Olympic Women's Soccer; The Feels; Did Richard Crouse Like This Movie?


Radio DJ Kamasami Kong joins the Showgram live from Japan. A preview of the Olympic Women's Soccer Game Canada Vs Sweden, the Showgram talks to TSN Soccer Commentator Meaghen Johnson. Paul Jones is a Canadian sportscaster. He previously served as the colour analyst on Raptors radio broadcasts, a role he had during the Raptors' inaugural season in 1995. He joins the Showgram to discuss Masai Ujiri's signing of a new deal to become vice-chairman, president of Toronto Raptors The feel good stories of the week as Jim and producer Tony try for the feels. Did the Showgram get feels?  Did Richard Crouse Like This Movie?  Our favourite movie critic rates 3 movies available for viewing this weekend. The Showgram team tries to guess how Richard rated these movies. Have a listen for tips on what movies to watch this weekend.

  • Free For All Friday

    Free For All Friday, hosted by Amanda Galbraith, features top talent across the iHeart radio talk network. Hosts from all over the country join the roundtable to discuss the five biggest stories of the week.  This week's show features panelists Karen Restoule (CEO of Shared Value Solutions, Bold Realities, & Whose Land) and Elias Makos, host of the Elias Makos Show on CJAD in Montreal.  Topics: With other countries making that decision, is it time to end Canada's connection to the monarchy? Does Jason Kenney's resignation show the struggle of what modern Conservatism is in this country? Canada to ban China's Huawei and ZTE from its 5G networks. Is it about time? Would you try Soft Serve KD - the new 'delicacy' at the Calgary Stampede? What musician would you study?
  • What Did You Get Away With?

    David Cooper is hosting the Late Showgram. Today's call in topic: What did you get away with? What’s your secret? Have you been sitting on this one for a while, call us, confess, it'll be cathartic. What things have you gotten away with that you're proud of? Maybe you fought the law and you won, or maybe it was the cookies in the cookie jar. Whatever it was, what did you get away with?