Brands and business will have to appeal to our cave dweller instincts in order to succeed in the COVID era


We began this podcast series by exploring the behavioural and perceptual effects this pandemic has had on us and what will be the lasting impact. We learned that changes will actually come slowly, but the changes will be long lasting – perhaps even generational.   We’ve learned that the future of work is no longer about working from home. It’s now about living at work.   We’ve learned that our behaviour drives outcomes. Physical distancing, wearing masks, sneezing into our elbows are behviours that determine whether we’re fighting the curve, flattening the curve or crushing the curve.   We’ve also learned that our expectations of government and corporations are framed by their behaviour. How have our leaders responded to your needs? How have corporations and brands addressed my concerns about your safety and your well-being?   How has COVID-19 changed the language of business and brands? How has it moved the messaging?   Graeme Newell is President of 602 Communications and an expert in DECISION SCIENCE. He joins us from his studio in Portland, Oregon. He says things haven't really changed. In fact, we've simply reverted to a more primitive, instinctive means of communication.

  • May 6 - The Jamil Jivani Show - Hour 3

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