Canada's Long-Term Care Homes are a national tragedy


The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare a number of areas our lack of preparedness – both on an individual and institutional level. And nowhere has it been more obvious than when we consider the state of Long Term Care facilities in Canada.   Coronavirus Outbreaks overwhelmed the system to the point where Ontario and Quebec asked the federal government to deploy the military to help with the staffing shortages. And based on that response and experience, we now know that many of these homes are in appalling conditions. Residents are being ignored to the point of abuse and the homes are best described as filthy.   And the families of residents have been on the front line of this tragedy. How will we navigate this broken system as we learn to cope with life during the pandemic?   Karen Cumming is a journalist and co-author, (with her sister Patricia Milne), of the book The Indispensable Survival Guide to Ontario’s Long-Term Care System and Matt Del Vecchio Founder and President of LIANAS – providing families with guidance and support for seniors who have to transition to Long Term Care.