Carmi Levy with John Moore


A new report from the Tech Transparency Project (TTP) says violent militia groups are the main spreaders of vaccine misinformation on Facebook, and the social network seems to have constantly dropped the ball on this front. NEWSTALK 1010 tech consultant Carmi Levy explains to Moore In The Morning.

  • Vito Marinuzzi with John Moore

    7 Numbers owner Vito Marinuzzi tells Moore In The Morning about an event taking place at his Danforth restaurant. MPP Peter Tabuns will work the host desk at the restaurant from 6pm to 7pm, checking Vaccine Certification for patrons wishing to dine indoors. When the Provincial House returns on October 4, he will be able to speak on behalf of businesses by relaying his hands-on experience and pushing the Ford government to speed up the Vaccine QR code.
  • Mark Smithyes with John Moore

    NEWSTALK 1010 listener Mark Smithyes participated in the Canada made Medicago vaccine trial. Now he’s shut out from indoor dining, going to the gym and more in the province since that particular shot is not approved by Health Canada. Quebec said last month that those who received the Medicago jabs would get a vaccine certificate. What about here in Ontario? Moore In The Morning gets an answer from the Ministry of Health.