Dave Trafford for Moore Round Two- August 4th


Guests: Toronto lawyer Gavin Tighe, Children’s Music Teacher Michelle Morrow, Kevin Vuong, Social Entrepreneur, Lecturer, Military Officer and Founder of KPW Communications, Karman Wong.

  • Eat This With Lianne: Snack Size! On-The-GO

    It is customary, week upon week, for this podcast to serve you up a buffet of interesting facts, and useful information towards better health..and maybe even...a better YOU! With Lianne away, we have decided a nice snack might be just the meal-on-the-go to keep us all satisfied.  So, on this episode of Eat This with Lianne, we will harvest a few of the useful and informative gems that have sprouted fro episodes past! This podcast is a great way to remind yourself on some of the intriguing tidbits of knowledge, from several aspects of your bodies health...all in one short, yet sweet place.