Dawn Tyler Watson + Chris Hadfield


This week on the Richard Crouse Show Podcast: We meet Dawn Tyler Watson. via Zoom from her home in Montreal. To call Dawn Tyler Watson a blues singer isn’t quite accurate. Sure, she’s called the Queen of the Blues in Montreal and latest record “Mad Love,” just won the 2020 JUNO award for Blues Album of the Year, but her music also infuses elements of Jazz, Soul, Rock, and Gospel to pushes the boundaries of traditional Blues. We caught up, talking about what she learned while busking in the subway, taking home the coveted first-place prize at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis in 2017, why she used to have imposter’s syndrome, but doesn’t anymore and how her perspective on everything changed after triple bypass surgery. I started the interview by asking how she and her dog Molly are doing these days. Then, Chris Hadfield stops by to discuss when science and pop culture collide.