DAY 20 - The COVID-19 Daily Podcast with Dave Trafford


This is DAY 20 of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are told that what we do or fail to do today to help curb the spread of COVID-19 will be felt three weeks from today. Three months ago, Canada had 1 confirmed case. Three weeks ago, Canada reported 96 confirmed cases. Today, at the time of this recording, Canada has more than 72 hundred cases.   Here’s what you need to know on Monday, March 30th, 2020   PM Trudeau updates businesses aid eligibility, says military 'gearing up' for COVID-19 response   Most Quebec stores will be closed on Sundays as coronavirus cases mount   Ontario Premier Doug Ford extends state of emergency for another two weeks   Saskatchewan reports First 2 deaths from COVID-19 and 20 new cases   Seven residents of a long-term care home in Bobcaygeon, Ont. have died after a respiratory outbreak was declared at the facility on March 18. Three other residents and 24 staff members have tested positive for the virus.   COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. reached 2,479 on Sunday, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, surpassing the 2,445 American casualties recorded in the war in Afghanistan.   A Second wave of virus feared in Wuhan,China   An outbreak slowdown suggests restrictions in Seattle working   <<<<>>>>  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offered more details about the wage subsidy program he announced on Friday morning. The subsidy will apply to businesses that have lost 30% or more in revenues due to the pressures of the pandemic and it will apply to all businesses no matter how many workers they employ. But the PM also made it clear there would be no tolerance for companies attempting to “game” the system. Trudeau also says the Canadian Armed Forces are prepared to step up and support vulnerable communities; and assist provinces or municipalities with logistics or direct assistance if needed.   In other news…   Religious and faith communities along with other non-profit charitable organizations are facing severe cashflow pressures…so much so that they are laying off staff and risk curtailing the support they provide for the marginalized and at-risk members of communities across the country.   Neil MacCarthy is the Director of Public Relations and Communications at the Archdiocese of Toronto. He says the situation is on the verge of dire.   Dr. Samantha Nutt is the founder and president of War Child Canada. She has sent a letter to the federal government with more than 200 non-profit signatories calling on Ottawa to treat these charities like essential service.   <<<<>>>>  IF YOU HAVE A STORY ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE YOU WANT TO SHARE…send me an email. DAVE@DAVETRAFFORD.COM or connect with me on TWITTER @DaveTrafford.   DISCLAIMER: THE VIEWPOINTS EXPRESSED IN THIS PODCAST REPRESENT THE OPINIONS OF THE HOST AND PARTICIPANTS AS OF THE DATE OF PUBLICATION AND ARE NOT INTENDED TO BE A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL ADVICE AND BEST PRACTICES BY LEADING MEDICAL AUTHORITIES AS THE INFORMATION SURROUNDING THE CURRENT CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC IS CONSTANTLY EVOLVING.

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