DAY 52 - The COVID-19 Daily Podcast with Dave Trafford


This is DAY 52   of the COVID-19 pandemic.   Here’s what you need to know on    Friday, May 1, 2020   <<<<>>>  He wasn’t saying when he’d be ready to allow businesses to open up but he told businesses to be ready. Today, Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford announced measures that will allow limited non-essential businesses to get back to work as of May 4th.   <<>>  Ontario’s measures are just that – measured compared to other provinces in the country where they’ve begun the process of re-opening their economies sooner and at a quicker pace.   Nova Scotia has announced it will be easing some public health restrictions around COVID-19 as of Friday, including reopening of parks and trails, and allowing fishing and gardening.     New Brunswick is not only allowing businesses to open, the province is allowing household bubbles to socialize. They’re calling it the double bubble.   Premier Blaine Higgs told CTV’s Power Play it means extended families can get together but must still observe public health practices like hand washing and physical distancing.   Blaine says its not business as usual in New Brunswick but they are easing restriction without easing up on the rules of masking and physical distancing.   The double bubble may be some good news but its bad news for your double double. Tim Hortons saw sales fall more than 40 per cent in the last two weeks of March as customers adjusted their daily routines and opted to stay home amid the COVID-19 pandemic.   16,389 people signed up for the B.C. workers' benefit in the first 45 minutes The B.C. Emergency Benefit for Workers is a one-time $1,000 payment available to residents whose work has been impacted during the COVID-19 crisis.   More signs that we are learning something new about the novel coronavirus almost on a daily basis: A doctor in Toronto notices uptick in 'COVID toes cases' in children   Pride Toronto announced today that the annual parade will take place virtually this year, as will the organization's Pride Month celebrations in June.    US Intelligence agencies have determined that the novel coronavirus was not manmade or genetically modified. That hasn’t stopped US President Donald Trump insists he’s seen evidence that suggests the virus came from a lab in China. <<<>>>    Tony Chapman, from Tony Chapman Reactions and host of the podcast Chatter That Matters says jump starting the economy may be complicated and may take time but he says there is reason to be optimistic. <<>>        IF YOU HAVE A STORY ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE YOU WANT TO SHARE…send me an email. DAVE@DAVETRAFFORD.COM or connect with me on TWITTER @DaveTrafford.     DISCLAIMER: THE VIEWPOINTS EXPRESSED IN THIS PODCAST REPRESENT THE OPINIONS OF THE HOST AND PARTICIPANTS AS OF THE DATE OF PUBLICATION AND ARE NOT INTENDED TO BE A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL ADVICE AND BEST PRACTICES BY LEADING MEDICAL AUTHORITIES AS THE INFORMATION SURROUNDING THE CURRENT CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC IS CONSTANTLY EVOLVING.    

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