DAY 57 - The COVID-19 Daily Podcast with Dave Trafford


This is DAY 57   of the COVID-19 pandemic.   Here’s what you need to know on  Wednesday, May 6, 2020 Some dire projections from the former head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US. Tom Frieden testified before a congressional committee in Washington on Tuesday and suggested the coronavirus death toll will exceed 100 thousand in the United States before the end of this month.   <<>>  In yesterday’s episode we told you that American researchers had discovered 14 mutations in the novel coronavirus suggesting the strain that hit Europe was different from the strain reported earlier in the outbreak.   Today the World Health Organization is urging countries to look for the earliest case of COVID-19 after it was reported that France had its first case a number of weeks before it officially confirmed its first case in January.   US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is now saying the US does not have certainty about the origin of the coronavirus – despite insisiting during a weekend interview with ABC that the Trump administration have “enormous evidence” the virus came from a lab in Wuhan China.   Some positive news from British Columbia today, where staff and residents at the Lynn Valley long term care home is finally virus free. There have been no new cases for 28 straight days. 20 residents died, 79 residents and staff tested positive during the outbreak at the home.   Ontario has extended all COVID-19 emergency orders past Victoria Day, but Premier Doug Ford also announced plans to allow more retail operations to open for business in the coming days. <<>>    And Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer says there are signs that the pandemic is slowing down in this country with the doubling time for cases now up to about 20 days. Last week, it was 16 days   She also noted the significance of this being Mental Health Week in Canada. <<>>  Kick starting the economy is one thing. But who will take a leadership role? Mark Cuban expects to see a corporate culture shift to what he calls compassionate capitalism. Tony Chapman, at Tony Chapman Reactions and host of the podcast Chatter that Matters joins us to discuss what’s next for business – big and small.   IF YOU HAVE A STORY ABOUT YOUR EXPERIENCE YOU WANT TO SHARE…send me an email. DAVE@DAVETRAFFORD.COM or connect with me on TWITTER @DaveTrafford.   DISCLAIMER: THE VIEWPOINTS EXPRESSED IN THIS PODCAST REPRESENT THE OPINIONS OF THE HOST AND PARTICIPANTS AS OF THE DATE OF PUBLICATION AND ARE NOT INTENDED TO BE A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICAL ADVICE AND BEST PRACTICES BY LEADING MEDICAL AUTHORITIES AS THE INFORMATION SURROUNDING THE CURRENT CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC IS CONSTANTLY EVOLVING.