December 7, 2019 - Saigon Star


Lunch today is Vietnamese cuisine from Saigon Star located at 330 Hwy 7, Richmond Hill.

  • LISTEN NOW: Do Canada’s Conservatives need to bring in a bilingual party leader?

    There are multiple candidates gunning for the chance to become the next leader for the Conservative Party of Canada. Each candidate is faced with certain issues, but is speaking French and English the ultimate X-Factor? Jason Lietaer is the President of Enterprise Canada and Darrell Bricker is the CEO of IPSOS. They join Evan Solomon on today’s show with their thoughts, and some stats.

  • LISTEN NOW: Should Huawei 5G come to Canada?

    The United Kingdom has granted Huawei partial access to its 5G network, guaranteeing what Huawei calls ‘cutting-edge, next generation technology for Britain’s future’. How could this impact Canada’s decision? Former CSIS Director Richard Fadden and former national security analyst Stephanie Carvin join Evan Solomon on today’s show.