Early tests of an Austrlian vaccine show no side-effects in humans. Part 2 with Nikolai Petrovsky


We know there will be a second wave of COVID-19. And it’s likely to hit us before the end of this calendar year. We also know that some countries, like Canada, have managed to crush the curve. Still, there are regions of the world where the curve continues to rise – particularly in Brazil, India and the United States. So, the daily news can be exhausting at best and grim when we consider the worst case scenarios. But there is some reason for optimism. Four months into the pandemic and more than 6 months after this strain of the coronavirus was first detected in China, the World Health Organization says there are currently 147 COVID-19 vaccines in development. At least 17 are now into the human trial phase. One of them is being developed in Australia. Professor Nikolai Petrovsky is the Chairman of the company called VAXINE Pty.  He says their results to date are more than promising.

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    Your LIVER is your bodies workhorse! It’s the primary filtration system…taking out the trash daily. It cleanses, filtrates, breaks down. and produces…it never stops.  So have you ever considered looking into just how it’s doing?  The reason we ask is because of something called Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease…or N.A.F.L.D for short. Did you realize that Liver Disease is not only an issue for drinkers…no really… On this episode of Eat This with Lianne we’re joined by the always knowledgable, ever-so-likeable…Dr "B", to talk all N.A.F.L.D, all the time.