Eat This with Lianne: Building Muscle for Longevity (Ep 183)


Hold onto your dumbbells –– this week, we're diving deep into a topic close to my heart: the incredible world of muscle health and its profound impact on longevity and overall well-being.

But wait, there's more! I'm beyond thrilled to share that joining me on this journey is an extraordinary guest - my eldest daughter, Logan! She's not just a third-year kinesiology student at university, but also my personal beacon of inspiration, turning from a self-proclaimed 'exercise skeptic' to a fitness enthusiast.

Together, we explore the intricacies of muscle health - debunking myths about protein, uncovering the truth about lactic acid, and sharing heartfelt insights into how exercise transformed our lives.

If you've ever wondered about the right balance between diet, exercise, and sleep for optimal muscle health, or if you’re curious about how Logan flipped her switch on exercise, this episode is for you!

Whether you're looking to enhance your mobility, protect against age-related health issues, or just curious about the world beneath your skin, this episode packs a punch!

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