Eat This With Lianne: Drainage and Detox (EP 55)


When you’re told to detoxify, we usually think…no alcohol, drugs…maybe meat or sugar…with the idea it will improve your overall health.  But, in her many year as a registered nutritionist, Lianne Phillipson has NEVER told a client to go on a detox.  Why? because detoxification is not just some liquid or kit you pic up at the drug store. Its actually much deeper, and there’s so much more to the process of detoxification…and in this episode, drainage.  We have special guest joining us to help explain both detoxification and drainage…what they really mean, how beneficial they are…and just how to get started! Join us!

  • Kids going back to online learning after break.

    Guest: Michelle Morrow. Children’s music teacher and mother to Cale and Brock who are now going back to online learning. Again.
  • The Morning Brief with Tim Hudak - April 13, 2021

    The Morning Brief with Tim Hudak, former leader of the provincial conservatives, now with the Ontario Real Estate Association. Discussing the biggest stories of the day including schools returning to remote learning, should we open up vaccination to everyone 18+?, Sobeys to reinstate pandemic pay for frontline workers and Air Canada getting a bailout