Eat This With Lianne: Men's Health (EP 79)


Guys...can we talk? We're not the "talkative type", especially...when it comes to MEN'S HEALTH!

But that doesn't change the fact it's extremely IMPORTANT. So, instead of talking...just listen.

On this episode of Eat This With Lianne we've invited the man himself, Dr "B" to help walk us through a slew of Men's Health hiccups...from concussions, to matters between the sheets...and even mental health...we'll cover them all!

Join us!

  • Smart Speakers for September 29 with Laurel Walzak and Genevieve Tomney

    GUEST - Laurel Walzak, Associate Professor and Director of the Global EXPERIENTIAL Sport Lab at Toronto Metropolitan University; Genevieve Tomney, Vice President, Public Affairs at Proof Strategies

  • ESS: Riskin It All with Dan Riskin

    Will the hearing aid of the future be implanted in your mouth? CTV science and technology specialist Dan Riskin joins guest host Graham Richardson for the weekly segment 'Riskin it All.' 

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