Eat This With Lianne: The ISOPHIT Effect (EP108)


We have all been inspired by the latest, the newest, the greatest fitness gadget and gizmo that promises the unattainable "beach BOD"...only to be let down, oftentimes not by the 'perfect program" itself...but our own lack of focus and commitment.

It's not easy! if it was, 'everyone' would be doing it. 

On This Episode of Eat This with Lianne, we will explore, not a new fitness choice, but one that's been around for some time, and is quickly gaining more traction as a great way to start, hit, and traverse those fitness goals you dream of. It's called Isometric Strength Training. We'll speak to 2 very special, the inventor of the ISOPHIT Training System and one of the world's leading authorities on Isometric Training, and one who's spent the majority of his athletic career at the top of the world figure skating podium! ('s Kurt Browning!)

Find out more at their website use code is EATTHIS for a 15% discount on the ISOPHIT products.