Eat This With Lianne: Vegan Baking! (EP 116)


You know when you walk by a bakery and all those incredible smells drift out the door...from breads, to donuts, to cakes... There's something about baked goods...the memories, the comfort, the warm feelings..and the taste! Thanks to all those decadent ingredients from butter, and milks, and sugars...sure, they taste great but, in todays day and age, so many people are forced to avoid them. The lactose, the gluten, the calories... ALL considered the enemy now. So what to do?  Well, have you ever considered a VEGAN alternative? Yes, Vegan!   On this episode of Eat This with Lianne, we invite a true professional VEGAN Pastry Chef, Fran Costigan to join the conversation and explain the true genius behind her world famous "Cake to live for..." Chocolate Cake....and so much more.