• Eat This With Lianne: Hard To Lose...Why? (EP 119)

    With apps out there to help us with just about everything....including promises of mass amounts of weight loss....where do we turn? What do we believe? There really isn't one diet, one way to lose weight because we are all different. Yes, our bodies run on similar science, but there are so many factors that define how our bodies work....both on a biological and psychological basis. So, on this episode of Eat This with Lianne, why do we experience issues in trying to lose that nagging weight? We are joined by "fan fav" and one of our favs too...Dr B, to help us untangle the science, the reasons, and the ways to put us back on the right track to losing that "Goat Bloat"! Want to now what that is? Join us to find out!
  • Employment Law - May 22, 2022

    With Howard Levitt and Iain Grant 
  • Kevin Doyle + Shyam Selvadurai + Roger Christian

    This week on the Richard Crouse Show we meet Kevin Doyle. He is one of the stars of “Downton Abbey: A New Era,” the big screen continuation of the adventures of the aristocratic Crawley family. Doyle plays the Abbey's former second footman, and now village school master, Joseph Molesley and was a regular on the beloved television series for all six seasons. I spoke with Kevin Doyle during the release of the first Downton Abbey movie, on the show’s popularity and learning the ins and outs of being a footman at the Abbey. We’ll also meet award-winning Sri Lankan Canadian novelist Shyam Selvadurai. His new novel “Mansions of the Moon” is a reimagining of ancient India through the extraordinary life of Yasodhara, the woman who married the Buddha. Then: Did you have a toy light sabre when you were a kid? I did… it was a Kenner Inflatable Light Saber that kept me and my friends safe from the Darth Vader and the Dark Side when I was thirteen years old. Later in the show we’ll meet Roger Christian, the English set decorator, production designer and feature film director who won an Academy Award for his work on the original Star Wars and was Oscar-nominated for his work on Alien. He is the man who built the lightsaber, probably one of the most famous props in movie history. He stops by to talk about his new film, a memoir documentary called Galaxy Built on Hope, which fills in a major missing chapter in the history of the making of "Star Wars." The film tells the story of the Star Wars Art Department and how Roger worked with the brilliant production designer John Barry to bring George Lucas' fantastic vision to the big screen on a budget.

    GUEST: Tim Ellis - founder of NotOneSeat