Jerry Agar Round Table January 13th


Guests: Ryan Knight - Founder Afro Caribbean Business Network. Owner, Detailing Knights, Rhonelle Bruder - Consultant, Human Rights, Advocate, and Founder of RISE Initiative, a grassroots project to empower vulnerable youth and Brian Lilley – Toronto Sun.

  • Jan 28 - Gun Summit

    The Jim Richards Showgram holds it’s own summit on gun and gang violence.  Do they agree with the conversations that were had today?
    GUEST – Knia Singh , Principal Lawyer at Ma'at Legal Services 647 237 4267
    GUEST - Founder of the Turk Foundation, former gang member/ former rapper 437 997 2285

  • Jerry Agar Round Table January 28

    Guests: Robert Turner – Host of the Early Edition, weekdays 5a-530, Sandy Annunziata – Businessman and Sunira Chaudhri - Partner with Levitt LLP - Law firm of employment & labour lawyers.