Jerry Agar Round Table November 28


Guests: Debbie Hutton - Former senior advisor to Premiers Harris and Eves. Part-time communications consultant, Jon Burnside – Entrepreneur and former Toronto city councilor and Rhonelle Bruder - Consultant, Human Rights, Advocate, and Founder of RISE Initiative, a grassroots project to empower vulnerable youth.

  • Touchdowns and Fumbles December 6

    Guest: Bob Reid, Veritas Communications.

  • Jerry Agar Round Table December 6

    Guests: Howard Levitt  - Levitt LLP. Host of the Employment Law show. Sundays at 1, Jennifer Innis - Regional Councillor Wards 3 & 4, Town of Caledon. Chair of the Toronto Regional Conservation Authority and Bob Richardson - Senior Counsel. National Public Relations.