Jerry Agar Round Table November 28


Guests: Debbie Hutton - Former senior advisor to Premiers Harris and Eves. Part-time communications consultant, Jon Burnside – Entrepreneur and former Toronto city councilor and Rhonelle Bruder - Consultant, Human Rights, Advocate, and Founder of RISE Initiative, a grassroots project to empower vulnerable youth.

  • Life Matters With Tony Chapman - October 30, 2020

    Presented by RBC.  Tony chats with Mark Henick about his experience living with mental illness. Mark’s TEDx talk, Why We Choose Suicide, is among the most watched in the world with over 6 million views. His story of searching for “the man in the light brown jacket” who saved his life from a teenage suicide attempt went viral around world.  Mark brings a diverse and unique perspective of someone who has been a patient, a professional, and a policy influencer in the mental health system. He lives with his family in Toronto, Canada.