Jim and David talk about fortunes and tarot cards; Government shuts down an important motion; Feel good stories of the week


Jim and David Cooper talk discuss fortunes and tarot cards; David has his tarot card read; Jim spoke about Mitzy Hunter's motion to condemn islamophobia being shut down by the government; Jim and Mike J. tackle some feel-good stories of the week.

  • ESS: 'Pure joy' Canadian soccer icon Diana Matheson on Canada's win over U.S.

    Guest host Jamil Jivani speaks with the Canadian veteran soccer player Diana Matheson, a two-time Olympic bronze medallist, about the Canadian women's soccer team win over the U.S. to advance to the gold medal match.  Listen to The Evan Solomon Show podcast on the iHeart radio app, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your podcasts. 
  • Dave Trafford for Moore Round Two- August 3rd

    Guests: Knia Singh, Toronto lawyer and NEWSTALK 1010 pundit, Executive Vice President, Maru Public Opinion‎ John Wright, Anne Lagace Dowson from CJAD in Montreal and Melissa Lantsman with Enterprise.