Jim Muses the News, Hot and Itchy: Is Eczema Sexy?

  • May 10 - The Jamil Jivani Show - Hour 3

    What I saw when I went to Israel and how it impacted my thoughts today when reading about the latest conflict there  & Woke activists get their Black Superman movie but it comes at the expense of a Black superhero who is being ignored  GUEST: ​Jeff Charles - Writer, political analyst and contributor at RedState & MIC DROP: Bill Burr vs Jerry Seinfeld 
  • May 10 - The Jamil Jivani Show - Hour 1

    Rant - I was on Moore in the Morning today - plus, my friend went on a VERY bad date at a park & Can anyone top my friend's story?  & Canadian Pediatrics Association says kids really need to be out of lockdown - while more stories are emerging out of the US of fake COVID vaccine ID cards sold