John Moore Round One- January 13th


Guests: Powergroup Communications, Laura Babcock, Sunira Chaudhri, of Levitt, Sheikh, Chaudhri and Swann Employment and Labour Lawyers, Climate Change consultant and Hot Talk podcast host Elliott Cappell and Jerry Agar.

  • Chris Mumby with John Moore

    Virtual school and working from home requires a good internet connection. But for some in the GTA hamlets, that isn’t possible. The Mumby family in Burketon is luckier than others around them. They’re close to a neighbour’s signal and can make cell phone calls from one room of the house. Chris Mumby has spearheaded an effort to highlight the issue.
  • The Morning Brief with Preet Banerjee January 27, 2021

    The Morning Brief with Preet Banerjee, personal finance commentator and founder of MoneyGaps, discussing the biggest news items of the day including a doctor with a possible conflict of interest at provincial science table, Pfizer telling Canada to squeeze an extra dose from vaccine vial, the humiliated former gaming CEO walking away with millions, and Curt Shilling rejected by Baseball Hall of Fame