John Moore Round Two November 14


Guests: Evan Solomon, host of the Evan Solomon Show and CTV Question Period, Richard Crouse, Host of Pop Life and the Richard Crouse Show, Patrick Brown, Mayor of Brampton and Robert Turner, Host of the Early Edition.

  • Within Reach with Jennifer Keesmaat (EP 9) Elliot Cappell

    In this episode…

    Maybe its time we started talking about resilience and climate change, and how it affects our growing city. Jennifer is joined by Elliot Cappell, an international climate change specialist who focuses on climate resilience and is formally the Chief Resiliency Officer for the city of Toronto. They discuss what Toronto is doing to now, and into the future to help increase the city's ability to handle extreme changes in North America's weather patterns.

  • Jerry Agar Round Table December 13

    GUESTS: Howard Levitt - Levitt LLP, Host of the Employment Law Sundays at 1pm... Melissa Lantsman - VP, Public Affairs, Hill & Knowlton Strategies, NT1010 host Sundays at 7pm...  Bob Richardson - Senior Counsel, National Public Relations.