July 13, 2019 - Famiglia Baldassarre


Housing makers of fresh pasta & students of Italian tradition, Famiglia Baldassarre has been supplying Toronto’s most discerning chefs with traditional fresh pasta of the highest quality since 2010. Ted learns about its fascinating history from owner Leandro Baldassarre.

  • Friday Roundtable - Oct 18

    It's our Friday Roundtable with Jon Burnside, entrepreneur and former Toronto City Councillor and Jeff Sammut, host of "Canada Now with Jeff Sammut" on SiriusXM.  

    They talk Canadian politics, the TTC switching to self-driving vehicles, how Greta Thunberg is getting home, and more!

  • Patents over plants: the intangible economy

    This episode, we break down the rising “intangible economy”, what our guest Jim Balsillie says is our shared future. We learn what it is, what it values and who it rewards. We also visit StatsCanada and discover why the race to regulate is so fierce. We do what’s never been done before and put a price on Canadian data... The number is big.