Kevin Hearn + Manny Jacinto + CS Porter + Aba Amuquandoh


This week on the Richard Crouse Show we meet multi-instrumentalist and Barenaked Ladies pianist Kevin Hearn. The Canadian Hall of Famer has just released a beautiful new solo record titled “There and Then: Solo Piano Improvisations” and he joined us via Zoom to talk about it. Then, actor Manny Jacinto stops by to talk about how = his character in the new Amazon Prime rom com “I Want You Back,” was inspired by two characters from his last TV show, the great sitcom, “The Good Place.” Then we meet CS Porter. We’ll learn about how and why he sat down to wrote a thriller called “Beneath Her Skin” after being diagnosed with MS. Finally, Aba Amuquandoh of “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” stops by, but she’s not here to talk about politics. She has her eye on something much smaller… tiny in fact. She’s the host of a new CBC Gem show called “Best in Miniature.” Listen and  learn how creators shrink down their designs to itty-bitty proportions.

  • Smart Speakers - May 19

    GUEST - Bruce Arthur, Toronto-based columnist for the Star; Laurel Walzak, Associate Professor and Director of the Global EXPERIENTIAL Sport Lab at Toronto Metropolitan University
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    Montreal Public Health said it's asking health workers to be alert for monkeypox after seeing 17 suspected cases in the area over the last week. Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Isaac Bogoch discusses the recent outbreak and what exactly the viral infection is capable of. Listen to The Evan Solomon Show podcast on the iHeart radio app, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your podcasts. Follow us on Twitter at @EvanSolomonShow.