Louise Johnson + Noa Daniel


On this episode of the Richard Crouse Show we meet Louise Johnson, a writer whose work has been published in The Globe & Mail, The Huffington Post, Darling Magazine and more. Her debut book, “Behind the Red Door: How Elizabeth Arden’s Legacy Inspired My Coming-of-Age in the Beauty Industry,” is equal parts educational biography of a woman whose name we know, but whose biography has been largely lost to time and memoir. Louise says it is a playbook for any woman looking to reconnect with her most authentic self and create a successful, fulfilled, beautiful life on her own terms. Then, later in the show Noa Daniels stops by. Noa is a classroom teacher, consultant, podcaster and keynote speaker, and writer. Her third children’s book, “Strum and The Wild Turkeys,” is a book about finding your voice through a sense of belonging and the transformational power of music and was inspired by a true story.