Maureen Holloway Speaks Out on Working with Derringer

  • Touchdowns & Fumbles with Bob Reid

    GUEST - Bob Reid, Principal at Broadway Strategy & Communications

    Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price Tweeted a message opposing Canada’s new gun control legislation this week – but it was also the same week Canada remembered the 1989 ecole polytechnique massacre.

    There was a backlash. Price stood by his position on the new law, but acknowledged he got his timing wrong, recognizing the importance of the anniversary to the city he represents as an athlete.
    Our question to you was: did the apology work?
    If you thought so, we asked you to text "T-D" for touchdown
    If you thought Price blew it, we asked you to text the word "Fumble"

  • Ontario real estate regulator ineffective at protecting homebuyers, sellers, audit finds

    GUEST  - David Scofield, Associate Professor of Real Estate Management Toronto Metropolitan University