Melissa Lantsman - December 1st, 2019 - Edu Min Stephen Lecce

  • August 4 - The Jamil Jivani Show (Tamara Cherry) - Hour 2

    Tamara Cherry fills in. Penny Oleksiak tweets about how her teacher told her to quit swimming  & Why are people so worked up over French president Emmanuel Macron’s shirt? And what does it have to do with a secret society from the 1800s that is real?  GUEST:  Nathan Radke - Cultural history prof and co-host of the Uncover Up Podcast 
  • August 4 - The Jamil Jivani Show (Tamara Cherry) - Hour 3

    Barrie has the lowest violent crime severity index, while Kelowna has the second highest violent crime rate - so what do these numbers mean, if anything?  GUEST:  Mark Mendelson - Crime Analyst & BREAKING: Canada to take in Afghan refugees for the first time in the interpreter crisis  GUEST:  Mark Towhey - political commentator and veteran  & Why Tiktok has turned almost every industry on its head and shifted power in the music industry in a huge way. Is our music commentator worried he's going to be out of a job?  GUEST: Eric Alper - music promoter and busiest guy on Twitter  & I saw a video today that really lifted my spirits when it comes to airlines and how to treat customers. Here's what it's like to be on hold for more than 12 hours!