Men Tell Health; Sex Ed with Samantha Bitty; Bear in My Bedroom


The Showgram's weekly segment on men talking about mental health is called Men Tell Health. This week's guest Mark Henick is the principal and CEO of Strategic Mental Health Solutions, a boutique consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations and individuals to move strategically from basic mental health awareness toward meaningful, measurable action. #mentalhealth  Samantha Bitty is a sexual health and consent educator, speaker, certified Emotional Intelligence coach and social change entrepreneur. She joins the Showgram from time to time to discuss, sex and relationships. Today we discuss how Sex with Roommates Is More Common Now, Plus More Pandemic Dating Stats. Learn more about Samantha Bitty at her website or check her out on Twitter and Insta @Samantha_Bitty #sexhealth #consent #sexeducation   Sean Reddy's family, which had an unexpectedly close encounter recently at their acreage near Fort McMurray, Alta. A black bear took a tour of their home, wandering from room to room. Armed with bear spray and joined by a neighbour, the family managed to close the door to the room. Sean tells the rest of this story on The Showgram. #BlackBear #Bear #Alberta