November 9 - Doug Ford wants to 'Get it right 1,000 per cent of the time'


Robert Benzie (Toronto Star Queen's Park Bureau Chief) joins Ted to talk about the Ford government cuts and the "new" Doug Ford, as detailed in his article "Doug Ford says he’ll ‘get it right’ after backing down on controversial funding cuts".

  • Should Benadryl Be Over-The-Counter?

    A Canadian allergists’ group wants Benadryl removed from the shelves, and instead sold over-the-counter, due to side effects. Barb learns more about this warning from Dr. Mitch Shulman, along with just how harmful this well-known antihistamine can potentially be.

  • November 13 - Funeral Pre-Planning

    New data shows that Canadians generally do not talk about funeral plans ahead of time. Barb is joined by Dustin Wright (Senior Director, Marketing & Communications at Arbor Memorial) to learn more about why this is the case.