Oct 13 - A Canadian Built Zero Emission Car


A design competition just ended that could lead to a completely Canadian manufactured car GUEST - Flavio Volpe, President Auto Parts Manufacturing Association

  • How Is Stress From COVID Impacting Relationships?

    GUEST: Dan Riskin (NEWSTALK 1010 science correspondent)
  • Ontario Chamber Calls for Fairness, Consistency and Clear Guidelines

    GUEST: Michelle Eaton (VP of Public Affairs, Ontario Chamber of Commerce) Rocco Rossi (President & CEO, Ontario Chamber of Commerce) released the following statement as new COVID-19 measures and restrictions loom for certain regions in the province: “With numbers spiking, the greatest immediate threat to business and workers is the virus. However, if businesses are asked to shut down through no fault of their own or if public health units implore citizens not to leave their homes, our economic stability remains at stake, regardless of regional restrictions. To make this work, Ontario’s business community needs fair, consistent, clear guidelines and support. “We are grateful for the response from all levels of government to help protect public health while safeguarding Ontario businesses and their employees. However, we have heard clearly from our members with respect to confusing and inconsistent public health guidelines; a lack of testing and tracing capacity; insufficient data on the sources of community spread; and a lack of timely and accessible supports for business. “We call for a swift, fair and evidence-based response to COVID-19 for Ontario business, along with clear guidelines and adequate supports to all those impacted during this crisis.”